Twelve gadgets enhance your daily life
Protect sensitive files!
  • encrypt a folder to keep it from preying eyes
  • easy, one-button operation!
  • secure your sensitive files with strong encryption
  • build on-top of popular 7-Zip
  • Simple but effective
  • Warning if password is different
  • Test Run: test before you use it!
  • See FAQ: Maximize Security
 Maximize Security
Should I encrypt my Documents folder?
No! Don't do that! To protect your documents, most importantly, you need to backup everything, backup often, backup to different external drives!
Encryption is ONLY a good idea for sensitiv material. Keep all your sensitive files in a separate folder - do backups! - then encrypt this one folder. Temporarily unlock the folder when you need to access these files and make sure to lock it again, afterwards.
12g-Protect helps you with easy one-button operation, password check, and clear feedback.
Where do I store my passwords?
On thing is clear, if you can remember your password it is not strong enough. To reach the maximum strength of AES256 you need at least 40 random characters. You can barely write down 40 characters error-free, nor do you want to type them in. You need to store your passwords in a password manager!
How long a password is safe enough?
The maximum security of AES256 is with an entropy of 256 bits. Encryption depends on the length and complexity of your password. If your password is 20 characters long, from a set of 26 different characters, the possible combinations are "only" a number with 28 zeros or 90 bits.
AES (American Encryption Standard) is *the* encryption used by everyone around the world, and is even considered safe after Q-Day (when quantum computers actually start working).
AES256 allows for 256 bits of entropy, 32 bytes, a number with 77 zeros. To reach this you need 40 random characters from a set of 100 characters (think a-z, A-Z, 0-9, plus around 40 special characters).
Random! Not in any order.
Again, use a password manager to create a random password.
But shouldn't I use a passphrase?
If you use normal english words that reduces the possibilities to about 100.000 per word. Average word length is 5. How many words would you need for an entropy of 75 zeros? Yes, 15 words. Can you exactly remember a sentence with 15 words? Do you want to type that in?? We recommend to use a password manager to create a random password with a high entropy.
Why use encryption that is weaker than 256 bit?
There is no reason if you use a password manager. Use random characters, use a lot of them. Use your favorite password manager to generate a truly random password. Make sure it has around 250-260 bits of entropy. Store all your passwords in a password manager.
Can I sleep tight when I use a password manager?
Er... never worry, sleep is too important! However, if your computer gets a virus, malicious software, or keylogger, you can forget all other security measures. Next time you enter your master password to open your password database, all your passwords are compromised. So 1) make sure to use a virus checker, 2) always say yes to updates, 3) do lots of backups.
Maybe split your passwords into two databases, e.g. often and rarely used, or more and less important. Be prepared to be able to change ALL your passwords that are compromised. Have backup access to your most important accounts. Use 2FA wherever you can!
There is no such thing as 100% security, just a very low or less risk. Using a password manager reduces that risk.
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