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January version released (v24.1)
NEW: DigiClock
  • Pixel-style digital clock. Looks cool.
  • any size, including full screen
  • 100% free, no ads, no time limit
  • Download now!
 Put these apps anywhere on your desktop:
  • no need to click: just spin your mouse-wheel over the slider!
  • customizable time zones
  • day-date
  • smooth display using DirectX!
Completely free, no ads, no time limit.
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Hyper-Backup and strong encryption!
  • Full backup for full ease-of-mind
  • Incremental: Daily changes in separate zip
  • Hyper-Backup: Keep all versions at every save!
  • zipped, filtered, ready to go to a thumb drive!
  • encrypt a folder to keep it from preying eyes
  • Backup | Protect
Color picker?? THIS is a color picker!
  • HDR 16-bit colors
  • triangle as in "three colors"
  • This is not just some gradient... Every pixel is calculated exactly to the spectrum of light!
  • CIE 1931 XYZ
  • Kelvin line
  • more...
Turn your monitor into a ring light!
Photo-viewer and Slideshow
  • ← → scan through pictures really fast
  • double-loading for fast display
  • smooth transition for nice slideshows
  • password-protected profile
  • more...
Place them anywhere on your desktop!
  • time and mini-calendar
  • backup easy to set up!
  • photo viewer with slideshow
  • protect your new OLED with a single-monitor (!) screen saver
  • volume control always visible!
  • quasi-live picture of the moon
  • and more!
And with free we really mean free: No ads, no nagging reminders, no private data collection.
Support and regular updates included!
When's the next Full Moon?
  • See the exact time of full and new moon
  • Number of days is easy to remember!
  • Change the color of the moon (add-on):
Choose between light, dark, and night mode, change colors...
...and so many more options to customize 12Gadgets to your needs!

(*Sample pictures, actual functions subject to change. Some features require an add-on.)


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DigiClock - NEW!

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