12Gadgets: Power Tools for Windows!
▸Update 5.3 out now!
 Round Clock - NEW!
Who else's been missing a round clock?
  • ticking or smooth seconds
  • day and day of week (optional)
  • fast display using your GPU (DirectX)
  • scale the size seamlessly!
  • more...
Don't we all need a simpler backup?
  • it works automatically
  • all your files go into a zip file
  • watch it happen with clear feedback!
  • more...
Photo viewer and slide-show
  • smooth slide-show
  • profiles for different folders
  • speed in seconds or beats-per-minute
 Gadgets for your desktop
Place them anywhere on your desktop!
  • time and mini-calendar
  • backup easy to set up!
  • photo viewer with slideshow
  • protect your new OLED with a single-monitor (!) screen saver
  • volume control always visible!
  • quasi-live picture of the moon
  • and more!
No ads, no nagging reminders, no private data collection.
Includes free support and free updates!
We want you to enjoy our easy-to-use tools and recommend them to everyone!
That said, we offer a few add-ons for $0.99 each.
If you love astronomy you'll love this gadget:
  • see the number of days till next full/new moon
  • quasi-live picture of the current moon, updated hourly!

Choose between light and dark mode, and many more options to customize 12Gadgets!


(Sample pictures, actual functions subject to change. Some features require an add-on.)


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