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 Round Clock
Call it analog, call it classic, it's more than just a round clock:
  • all time zones with custom name
  • many day-date options
  • sunrise/sunset indicators
  • "true" local solar time
  • binary clock!
  • fast display using DirectX
  • scale the size seamlessly!
 Colors, day-date options, background, accent color, time zones...
All day-date options (add-on):
Time zone display options (add-on)
Time Zones is a complication you rarely find on a watch. Select and configure as many time zones as you need, and choose a custom name for each TZ, for example a city name.
With the add-on you can add more information, like the local time, the difference to your time, or if they have daylight saving.
+ show the actual time in that time zone...
+ ...or just the difference in hours to your local time
+ show whether DST is supported and currently in effect
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