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Twelve gadgets enhance your daily life: cute, powerful, easy to use.
And actually free, no ads, no annoying reminders, none of that stuff.
  • Round clock, an eye-catcher on your display
  • Slideshow for your favorite pictures
  • Mini-calendar free moveable on your desktop!
  • Hyper-backup: safety for all your documents
  • Color picker with the science of light
  • Large picture of current moon - updated!
  • Screen saver for single (!) monitor
Regular free updates, active support, easy to install.
You CAN buy very nice color skins, mind you, but the functionality is completely free.
Try them now, free of charge.
Round Clock & More
  • all time zones with custom name
  • day-date
  • sunrise/sunset indicators
  • ticking speed includes 2.5Hz and 4Hz
  • fast smooth display
  • seamless size!
Photo-viewer and slideshow
  • scan through pictures fast
  • pre-loading for smooth display
  • cross-fade for beautiful slideshows
  • profiles with different folders, size, or sort order
  • speed in minutes, seconds, or beats-per-minute
  • zoom to mouse-pointer
  • password-protected profile
Volume slider with fast access
  • easy-to-use slider that you can put anywhere on your desktop
  • place on a second monitor, or set to stay on top
  • no need to click: just spin your mouse-wheel over the slider!
Time+Calendar for your desktop
  • Sunrise and sunset times
  • Mini-calendar for the week
  • Additional times, like UTC, DST, or a 2nd time zone
  • Seconds, 12/24-hour, AM/PM optional
  • As big - or small - as you wish!
Moon phase with "live" picture
  • Large picture updated every hour
  • Next full or new moon date on mouse-over
  • Number of days til next Full Moon
  • North or south up
  • Any size, place anywhere on your screen!
Color picker with a human touch
  • based on human perception!
  • CIE 1931 XYZ specification
  • 8-bit, 12-bit or 16-bit colors
  • color wavelength in nm
  • Kelvin line integrated over the visible spectrum using Planck's radiation law
Backups: three-in-one!
  • Full Backup
  • Daily Changes
  • Files stored in zip files, compatible with Windows
  • Filter to exclude files
  • Automatic hourly or every x hours
Protect sensitive files!
  • encrypt a folder to keep it from preying eyes
  • easy, one-button operation!
  • secure your sensitive files with strong encryption
  • build on-top of popular 7-Zip
  • more...
Black screen to protect your new OLED!
  • screen saver that only covers one monitor (your OLED!)
  • Not-a-screen-saver: Your second monitor stays visible
  • Does NOT wake up on mouse-move: you can still work on the second monitor! (show new messages, time+date, current playlist...)
  • Much faster than turning the monitor off/turning back on! (can take up to 8 seconds every time...)
  • Single button operation
  • Kicks in automatically after a configurable time
  • protect your OLED and possibly enhance its life span! (because it doesn't get as warm)
  • Save energy: OLEDs actually use less power when turned darker or black
  • Does NOT flash white (like the Windows 'Blank' screen saver) when turning on and off
  • optional clock display (digital, analog, date)
  • Why use a screen saver?
  • Tips for OLEDs
  • mini-browser to display a part of a webpage
  • great for weather, stocks, or changing data
  • make the page as small as possible but still show the info
  • for example weather from your favorite weather service
  • for example stocks from your favorite markets update
  • more...
  • put this button anywhere on your desktop, easy to reach!
  • sleep automatically at a configured time
  • automatically run full backup, then turn off your computer!
  • optionally, only turn off the monitor
  • more...
Turn your monitor into a ring light!
  • HDR colors, 12-bit, rec.2020 specification
  • ring with variable border-size, or full-color
  • temperature in Kelvin!
  • Kelvin integrated over the full CIE 1931 XYZ spectral power distribution
  • white point between 600 and 12000 Kelvin
  • supports Kelvin and RGB colors
  • sliders for temperature, hue, brightness, saturation
  • If you are into meditation use your favorite color to get into the right mood!
  • In a video call the ring puts a nice reflection in your eyes!
  • Tips for OLEDs
  • small, moveable calendar
  • place it anywhere on your desktop!
  • font size changes with window size
  • scroll through months or years
  • Pixel-style digital clock
  • Looks cool
  • 100% free, no ads, no time limit
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