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Move and size comfort package (Main)
This solves a common issue: Windows likes moving windows around, especially on a second monitor, when waking up from sleep. Once you've found the right position for your apps, disable Auto-Save! Whenever Windows decides to misplace apps - again! - you can simply click Restore All.

Better yet, save all window positions to a file (or several) and restore positions reliably. The real goodie here is disabling move+size: prevent unintended moves when you really wanted to click (override with ALT). Finally, with up/down/left/right keys you can place apps exactly, down to a pixel. Sizing indicators look real nice and give you a clear visual feedback for sizing apps.

+ Save to file and Restore from file (as often as you want)
+ Disable move and size with mouse to prevent unintended changes with the mouse
   (you can still move apps with up/down/left/right keys more precisely, pixel by pixel)
+ Sizing border - clear indicator where you can size
+ then get rid of the confusing sizing cursors
+ Thicker, highly visible border when active
+ Snap to screen edges with CTRL
Time Zones is a complication you rarely find on a watch. Select and configure as many time zones as you need, and choose a custom name for each TZ, for example a city other than the standard name.
With the add-on you can show more information, like the local time, the difference to your time, or if they have daylight saving.
+ show the actual time in that time zone...
+ ...or just the difference in hours to your local time
+ show whether DST is supported and currently in effect
To reduce the work to one quarter (2x2=4!) we only calculate every second pixel. On a slow 4K display in fullscreen even a quarter resolution may make sense (one 16th of the workload).
The perceived color wavelength coincides with the line from the center crossing the spectrum line (except at the 'purple line'). Knowing the exact wavelength may help you choose the most suitable color.
The temperature in Kelvin is often used to define a 'white point'. These colors are emitted by natural light sources, warm candlelight, ember, or bright sunlight at noon. We calculate the Kelvin line precisely from the radiation law and integrate over the CIE 1931 XYZ perception data. It may be a good indicator on how warm or cold a color is perceived, in different scenarios.
+ full or quarter resolution
+ show or remove spectrum line
+ show or remove Kelvin line
Custom colors can change the appearance dramatically. In Time settings you'll find four color options to separate the display with a bar under sunrise/sunset times, a separation line, and a calendar box with border.

+ change color bar under sunrise/sunset times
+ change color of separator stripe
+ change calendar background color
+ change calendar border color
Change the moon color to make it appear warmer! If black and white is a little too drab for your taste, give it a notch into yellow-orange, or change it completely to your liking!
+ change color of the moon
+ change background color
+ click one of the samples provided
Day-date is displayed at the 3 o'clock position per default. Even without the add-on it does move out of the way of the hour and minute hands (try demo mode!) and has a shadow beneath (if time zones are beneath).
With the add-on you can change the position of the date and day-of-week, and whether you'd like it side-by-side or on-top, as well as add a circle backdrop like in Calendar, and change lower or upper case. All together, there are 40 combinations to arrange day-date:
+ 3/6/9/12 o'clock
+ any of the corners
+ side-by-side or stacked
+ date with circle backdrop
+ capitals
Our newest addition: Protected profile now really got protective!
Enhance your privacy by storing your images into an encrypted zip file. This add-on will unzip the encrypted file to a temporary folder, and delete those files automatically when you leave the Protected profile.
+ use an encrypted zip file
+ unpack in TEMP or on a RAM disk
+ use the same password as for the Protected profile...
+ ...or use a separate password and enter it directly in 7z
+ this uses the popular 7-Zip to unpack and decrypt zip files
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