12Gadgets add-ons: for a dollar each!
Almost all features of 12Gadgets are completly free! We want you to enjoy our easy-to-use tools and recommend them to everyone and your grandma!
We offer the following add-ons for functions that only experts and nerds really need, for $0.99 each.
Time: Bars and Stripes (add-on)
Custom colors can change the layout dramatically. We've set the colors we think people can use immediately. Bars and separators, however, you really need to change according to your preferences. In Time settings, at the bottom, you'll find four options to seperate the display: sunrise/sunset bar, separation stripe, and calendar box with border. Try them all, one by one. Change the colors all you like, you can always go back to defaults. We like them all, just not all at once. ;)

+ sunrise/sunset bar, change background color
+ separator line, change color
+ change calendar background and border colors
Move and size comfort package (add-on)
Windows likes to move apps around, to different positions or even different screens, occasionally. Once you've found the right place for the apps you should disable Auto-Save. Whenever Windows decides to misplace the app - again! - you can click Restore Now.

If you're like me and tap and click and move things inadvertently, better yet un-check 'Move with mouse'. Now the app window will stay where it is even if you try to move it. (Note that you can press F8 to toggle this setting from any app.) You can still move apps with arrow keys, pixel by pixel. And since this is all quite fluent you can also save all window positions to a file for permanent storage. Just in case!

+ Save to file and Restore from file (as often as you want)
+ Disable move and size with mouse to prevent unintended changes with the mouse.
+ Move window with up/down/left/right keys more precisely, pixel by pixel
+ Sizing border - clear indicator where you can size
+ Highly visible border when active
+ Size with the standard arrow pointer
+ Snap to screen edges (hold down CTRL)
Moon: Change background color (add-on)
+ change background color of the moon
+ works for both, included and downloaded images
+ the downloaded picture is cached and colored on-the-fly
To purchase an add-on just click 'Unlock' in the app. This will open the Microsoft Store and offer an in-app purchase.

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