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More than 120 Power Tools



How do you count features?

Most of the 42 programs or 61 modules included in the 12Ghosts package consist of more than one function. By grouping similar functions into one program we offer the easiest interface, best performance, and smallest package. Of course, there is more than one thing you can do with one program!

If you are about to count features only count those that are useful to you. If you count more than five we've done our job right. Just for the statistics, here's a list of 127 tools included in the 12G-Complete package:

  1. FTP up and download (FTP)
  2. File managing (X12)
  3. Calculate the MD5 and SHA of files (X12)
  4. Show picture previews in the file listing (X12)
  5. Rapidly view, scroll, and zoom pictures (X12)
  6. Picture slide show, adjustable speed (X12)
  7. Restore icon and window positions (Tweak)
  8. Scale icon and window positions to new screen resolutions (Tweak)
  9. Show Desktop with one click (Tweak)
  10. Hide certain icons on the desktop (Tweak)
  11. Single-click activation for destkop icons (Tweak)
  12. Create a small, self-extracting setup (SetupSFX)
  13. Create an extremely small self-extracting setup, 4 KB (SetupSFX)
  14. Create a customizable self-extracting setup, and uninstall (SetupSFX)
  15. Run programs non-elevated (RunAsStdUser)
  16. Choose a color in HTML, RGB, or hex format (ChooseColor)
  17. Temporarily silence UAC (Silencer)
  18. Silence security alerts (Silencer)
  19. Turn off secure desktop switch (Silencer)
  20. Normal backup (Backup)
  21. HyperBackup keeps several versions of files (Backup)
  22. Registry backup (Backup)
  23. Registry defrag decreases registry size (Backup)
  24. Create one-to-one copy of folder structure with one click (2ndFolder)
  25. Wash Windows settings (Wash)
  26. Cookie cleaner, removes browser cookies (Wash)
  27. Cyber scrubber, clears browser cache + history (Wash)
  28. Clear folders, user defined (Wash)
  29. Set or remove registry values, user defined (Wash)
  30. Search and delete unused file types (Wash)
  31. Remove duplicate files (Wash)
  32. Clean out redundant DLLs (Wash)
  33. Search for zero-length files (Wash)
  34. Delete broken shortcuts (Wash)
  35. Overwrite files with several passes, DoD and NSA conform (Shredder)
  36. Wipe empty space on disk (Shredder)
  37. Limit empty space to reduce wipe time (Shredder)
  38. Wipe unused file slack at the end of files (Shredder)
  39. Wipe folder records from deleted file names (Shredder)
  40. Drag & Shred (Shredder)
  41. Schedule tasks (Timer)
  42. Alarm clock with repeated, snoozable reminders (Timer)
  43. Holiday planner for the next 100 years (Timer)
  44. Movable clock display (ShowTime)
  45. Stopwatch (ShowTime)
  46. Countdown (ShowTime)
  47. Configurable World Time display (ShowTime)
  48. Chimes and Hour Signal (ShowTime)
  49. Phase of moon display, circular and transparent (ShowTime and Timer)
  50. Change tray clock display, font, color, time zone (ShowTime)
  51. Title bar clock follows active window (ShowTime)
  52. Launch programs and documents with one click (QuickStart)
  53. Access system folders quickly (QuickStart)
  54. Hotkey Manager with hotkeys for any program or document (QuickStart)
  55. Tray Icon Manager with tray icons for any program (QuickStart)
  56. Start programs by moving the mouse cursor to a certain area (QuickStart)
  57. Start several programs at once with one click (QuickStart)
  58. Eject CD (or load or toggle) with one click on a tray icon (QuickStart)
  59. SendKeys, redirect any key to any other key, character, or text (QuickStart)
  60. Remove formatting from clipboard text (QuickStart)
  61. Change text in clipboard to all capital, or all small letters (QuickStart)
  62. Change middle mouse button to double-click (QuickStart)
  63. QuickRes, quick resolution changing including color depth and frequency (QuickStart)
  64. World factbook overview (Lookup)
  65. United States census data (Lookup)
  66. US Zip Code Finder, also reverse (Lookup)
  67. US Area Code Finder (Lookup)
  68. Look up computer and Internet related acronyms fast (Lookup)
  69. Unit converter (faster than CalcPlus...) for 55 units (Lookup)
  70. Zip compression (Zip)
  71. Zip2 (Burrows-Wheeler) compression (Zip)
  72. Create self-extracting SFX archives (Zip)
  73. Shut down with one click, countdown (ShutDown)
  74. Run programs before shut down (ShutDown)
  75. Terminate programs to guarantee shut down (ShutDown)
  76. Just turn off, for emergencies (ShutDown)
  77. Screen saver that doesn't wake up on mouse move (ScrnSave)
  78. Stars, clock, and blank screen saver (ScrnSave)
  79. Start any program as a screen saver (ScrnSave)
  80. Change screen savers automatically (ScrSavMan)
  81. Keep notes easily, with auto-save (NotePad)
  82. Synchronize your computer clock over the Internet (Synchronize)
  83. Synchronize with several servers at once (Synchronize)
  84. Adjust the speed of your computer clock (Synchronize)
  85. Keep layout of desktop icons, once and forever! (SaveLayout)
  86. Switch desktop icons with different sets of icons (SaveLayout)
  87. Fast access to start programs, shut down, QuickRes, Clean up (SaveLayout)
  88. Extend context menu of files and folders (ShellX)
  89. Remove unused context menu entries (ShellX)
  90. Extend Windows Explorer with a dozen new functions (ShellX)
  91. Access desktop icons with one click (DeskTOP)
  92. Hide a range of desktop icons (DeskTOP)
  93. Set desktop icon colors, including text background to transparent (SetColor)
  94. Have a button clicked automatically (Robo)
  95. Position a window automatically when it appears (Robo and WinControl)
  96. Replace text in complete folders, with filters and wildcards (Replace)
  97. Replace text with the context of other files (Replace)
  98. Change file date and time (FileDate)
  99. Save and restore file dates for a complete folder (FileDate)
  100. Position a window or close it remotely (WinControl)
  101. Send keys to other windows automatically (WinControl)
  102. Restart hanging applications (WinControl)
  103. List hidden windows and restore them (WinControl)
  104. Transfer user profile settings (ProfileCopy)
  105. Store frequently used registry keys and open them easily (JumpReg)
  106. Save tray icon space and easily launch all 12Ghosts (Tower)
  107. Restore all tray icons after a crash automatically (TrayProtect)
  108. Hide tray icons and move them to a menu (TrayProtect)
  109. Access tray icons and their menus with the keyboard only (TrayProtect)
  110. Make screen shots of windows and menus (Clip)
  111. Auto-save a range of screen shots (Clip)
  112. Control which programs to start after logon (Startup Guard)
  113. Temporarily disable programs from starting at logon (Startup Guard)
  114. Place a window over blinking ads or items to cover (JustAWindow)
  115. Popup stopper for ANY popup of IE, without black list (Popup-Killer)
  116. Boss-Key for any window you need to hide quickly (IETools, Wash)
  117. Stop Messenger Service popups (Messenger)
  118. Magically display hidden passwords (asterisks) by just moving the mouse over it (Password)
  119. Block ads issued misusing your IE browser (Popup-Killer)
  120. Auto-size new IE browser windows (IETools)
  121. Turn images off (IETools)
  122. Protect homepage (IETools)
  123. Auto picture download from thumbnail galleries (IETools)
  124. Disable animated GIFs (IETools)
  125. Disable ShockWave Flash on the fly (IETools)
  126. Monitor CPU temperature (12-Z)
  127. Monitor CPU speed (12-Z)












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