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12Ghosts 9.0 History


If you have any suggestion, feedback, or bug reports, please let us know. Your help improving 12Ghosts is appreciated!


Newest Release

9.7 - Service Pack 2          February 4, 2010 (9.70)

  • 12-ShowTime: Memory leak fixed with transparent tray clock
  • 12-ShowTime: Displaying "New Moon" instead of a blank window
  • 12-ShowTime: Completely 64-bit
  • 12-NotePad: Fixed Find & Replace
  • 12-NotePad: Find backwards with SHIFT+F3
  • 12-NotePad: "Find current selection" excludes following space
  • 12-NotePad: Fixed indenting multiple lines
  • 12-Shredder: Asks for admin rights automatically
  • 12-Wash: Asks for admin rights automatically
  • 12-ShellX: Finally available on 64-bit!
  • 12-SaveLayout: Now works on Windows 7, 32- and 64-bit
  • 12-Backup: Dialog box elements slightly larger
  • 12-Backup: References to shut down and registry removed to streamline interface
  • 12-Backup: Context menu available on 64-bit
  • 12-Backup: Completely 64-bit
  • 12-FTP: Fixed crash with keep-alive
  • 12-Tweak: Fixed display problem on 64-bit
  • Tower: Completely 64-bit
  • Setup: Added a "Core" selection of only the most important 18 tools, which is now the default


Major Changes in Version 9

  • 12-Z: NEW Measure real-time temperature and clock speed
  • 12-Silencer: NEW Disable UAC, or set it to silent mode
  • 12-Tweak: NEW A complete rewrite of 12-SaveLayout, 12-SetColor, and 12-DeskTOP, all in one tool. This also restores the position of sidebar gadgets and windows. Supports Vista 32 and 64 bit, Unicode, and this even scales positions at different screen resolutions.
  • 12-IETools: NEW Turn off (and on) ShockWave Flash on the click off a button
  • 12-Sync: Synchronize time with multiple servers, and use the average time of all of them. Also adjusts clock speed.
  • 12-FTP: NEW Easy-to-use FTP client and file manager, supporting multiple simultaneous file transfers. Depending on the file size, this can make uploads and downloads twice as fast!
  • Developer tools: NEW 12-RunAsStdUser, 12-SetupSFX, and 12-ChooseColor and 12-miniSFX: self-extracting setup, only 4 KB (4096 bytes) !
  • 12-ScreenSaver features a homage to Starry Nights. You may also start any program as screen saver, e.g. your favorite Picture slide show.
  • All: Enhanced and smaller help. Doing without large screen shots in the help file saves you downloading a whopping 1.8 MB!
  • Many smaller improvements and enhancements
  • More changes...


Most Recent Changes

9.5 SR.2         March 19, 2009 (9.52)

  • 12-Replace: Starts very fast now on Windows Vista SP1 (workaround for common control bug)
  • 12-IETools: Picture gallery download now works again with IE tabs
  • 12-IETools: Enhancements for IE8
  • 12-Shredder: Optimized overwriting of files
  • 12-Sync: No more message about a service not running
  • Setup: "Missing driver" problem fixed
  • All: New high-assurance code signing certificate, valid for three years


9.5 SR.1       November 21, 2008 (9.51)

  • 12-Wash: Support for FireFox 3.04: address drop-down, cookies, cache, and history are now cleared
  • 12-Wash: Support for Netscape 4.0 has now been removed for the sake of a clearer interface
  • 12-Tweak: Desktop Tweaks control display corrected
  • 12-Tweak: Minor enhancements


9.5 - Service Pack 1       July 24, 2008 (9.50.132)

  • 12-Z: NEW Monitor real-time temperature (for each core)
  • 12-Z: NEW Measure real-time clock speed
  • 12-Z: NEW List CPUID information, features, and specifications.
  • All: Minor enhancements and corrections


9.0 SR.5       June 12, 2008 (9.00.30)

  • 12-Silencer: NEW Disable UAC, or set it to silent mode, and turn it on again after a customizable time
  • 12-Silencer: NEW Turn off alerts of Security Center. Disable all, or just some out of Anti-Virus, Firewall, Updates, UAC, and Internet.
  • 12-Silencer: NEW Disable Secure Desktop switch - no more flicker or delay.
  • 12-Tweak: Silencer integrated
  • 12-ShowTime: Sometimes crashed shortly after logon. Fixed.


9.0 SR.4       June 5, 2008 (9.00.29)

  • 12-IETools: Picture and Boss buttons now appear correctly.
  • 12-Tweak: NEW Options for Desktop Tweaks: On F5 disable for 5 seconds / Minimize instead of hide / Hide Taskbar / Hide Gadgets. With the new options you can adjust the functionallity to match Windows' Show Desktop.
  • 12-Tweak: ShowDesktop: In some cases windows were minimized instead of hidden. Corrected.
  • 12-Tweak: ShowDesktop left small border shadows sometimes. Corrected. 
  • 12-Tweak: The 64-bit version is now included in the setup of 12G-Complete for ease-of-use.
  • 12-Backup: Full backup did not leave a log entry when finished. It does now.
  • All: Minor corrections


9.0 SR.3       May 15, 2008 (9.00.28)

  • 12-IETools: NEW Added a button just for ShockWave Flash. Enable or disable on the fly.
  • 12-IETools: NEW Option to disable animated GIFs.
  • 12-IETools: Fixed 'Picture Download' and 'Set Size' drop-down
  • 12-IETools: Corrected problems loading the toolbar in IE
  • 12-Popup: Corrected a problem with IE Protected Mode
  • 12-Tweak: 'Show Desktop': also minimizes elevated windows
  • 12-Tweak: 'Show Desktop': windows are restored after starting an application. (To prevent this hold down CTRL.) 
  • 12-Tweak: Desktop tweaks are restored automatically after a crash of the desktop
  • 12-ShowTime: The enhanced tray clock is restored automatically after a crash of the tray
  • 12-SaveLayout: Fixed auto-save path
  • 12-ChooseColor: Fixed saving of settings.
  • 12-SetupSFX: Fixed setup of 64-bit version
  • 12-Tower: Context menu entries of 12-Backup and 12-Zip fixed


9.0 SR.2       April 24, 2008 (9.00.27)

  • 12-Tweak: Corrected contents of restore drop-down lists 
  • 12-Tweak: Corrected a startup issue on some systems 
  • 12-Tweak: With single-click activation, items now appear underlined only if the mouse cursor hovers over it
  • 12-RunAsStdUser: In some programs, when started through 12-RunAs, the desktop was not found in Open and Save dialogs. Corrected.
  • 12-RunAsStdUser: Help added for command line parameters, including C/C++ sample code
  • All: Minor corrections


9.0 Service Release .1       April 17, 2008 (9.00.26)

  • 12-Tweak: NEW Tweak added to show the desktop with one click anywhere on the desktop (exactly what 12-DeskTOP used to do for so many years. Just that, now, it is the real desktop.)
  • 12-Tweak: Hide certain icons from the desktop, like "desktop.ini" or whatever you want to hide from preying eyes.
  • 12-Tweak: Added "Restore Desktop Arrangement now" command to the right-click menu of the desktop (see Options) 
  • 12-Tweak: You can move icons exactly with ALT+arrow keys by one pixel.
  • 12-ShowTime: The 'blinking colon' is now also transparent
  • All: Minor corrections


9.0 Gold - Final       April 8, 2008 (9.00.25)

  • 12-Tweak: NEW Positions of application windows are saved and restored, too. If you switch to a smaller resolution application windows may be moved and resized. This features restores window positions with one click, or automatically after a screen resolution change.
  • 12-Tweak NEW Tweak to change desktop icons to single-click activation.
  • 12-Tweak NEW Set icon text colors to match your wallpaper.
  • 12-Tweak: Options reworked. Help reworked. One button to restore all positions. Log file added to options. Some minor corrections and enhancements.
  • 12-WinControl: Added buttons for lists of all visible/hidden windows, more screen sizes (4:3 and 16:10), buttons to enable and disable windows.
  • 12-StartupGuard: Added an an elevation button (shield). Startup items for all users are only displayed if Admin rights are available to change them.


9.0 RC3       March 19, 2008 (9.00.19)

  • 12-Tweak is now completely FREE for private use, no limitations, no ads, no strings attached. If you feel obliged to support free software you may contribute a donation.
  • 12-Tweak: With Vista's Aero turned off, there were some inappropriate colors. Corrected.
  • 12-ShowTime's display has been corrected to work with transparent backgrounds.
  • 12-ShowTime's display should be basically flicker free now. (Only if the size changes it flickers 2, 3 times, and then sits still again.)
  • 12-IETools and 12-Popup: Setup no longer enables add-ons for Internet Explorer automatically. We just try to be less obtrusive, however, you will have to enable these options in the program, after a fresh install.
  • 12-Quick listens to a parameter "no". Used with a folder, it does not show a sub-menu, just the entry, which you now need to click only once.
  • 12-Tower: ShellX is stopped when you click Stop All, and enabled when you click Start Always Running. 
  • All: Setup is now signed with our 128-bit certificate, more security for you!


9.0 RC2       February 21, 2008 (9.00.18)


9.0 Release Candidate       January 24, 2008 (9.00.16)

  • 12uninstallSFX: NEW If using our setup SFX, you'll probably want to also use this extremely small uninstall. It automatically registers itself in Control Panel -> 'Add/Remove Software'. Compressed, which is how it would be delivered, it is 5 KB small!!! Of course, it works perfectly with the options used in 12setupSFX, that is, removing files in the installation path, registry settings, and deleting shortcuts.
  • 12-ChooseColor: DEV TOOLS Copy a color value in different formats, like RGB (255, 128, 64), HTML (#FF8040), or hexadecimal (0x004080FF).
  • 12-RunAsStdUser: DEV TOOLS Start programs at the end of your setup. On Windows Vista, setup programs are elevated. This tool creates its own service (does not depend on scheduler, and does not depend on explorer.exe running un-elevated) and starts programs with the rights of the currently logged on user, un-elevated.
  • 12-Silencer: DEV TOOLS Turn off or temporarily silence User Account Control (UAC)
  • 12-Wash: Fix to clear Recycle Bin on Windows Vista.
  • 12-Wash: Fix to completely clear Cookies on Windows Vista.
  • 12-Tower: New packages accounted for, includes DevTools (optional, see Options menu)
  • All: The import of .12G settings no longer requires a UAC confirmation.
  • All: Enhanced and smaller help. Doing without large screen shots in the help file saves you downloading a whopping 1.8 MB!


9.0 Beta 2.4       January 15, 2008 (9.00.15)

  • 12setupSFX: NEW Our ZIP family grew by two more members: a self-extracting Mini SFX stub with a record 4 KB (4,096 bytes), hand-optimized, as well as a Setup SFX offering standard installation options and a size of only 15.0 KB! Both use the standard ZIP compression algorithm, support UNICODE, and are available in 32-bit and 64-bit. There's no reason anymore to use ZIP files that don't self-extract.
  • 12setupSFX: The easiest way to create your own setup: store options in an XML file. Just double-click that XML file to rebuild your setup at any time. Or call it from a script and pass the XML path as a parameter, for example: 12makeSFX.exe myinstall.xml.
  • 12setupSFX: Setup SFX automatically asks for elevation (on Vista with UAC enabled), even if it is not called anything with "setup" or "install".
  • 12setupSFX: Even though the SFX stub is extremely small, no msvcr80.dll is required (or any msvcr60/70/80/90.dll). That is, it runs on every standard Windows installation (Windows XP and Vista are supported).
  • 12-Tweak: Just to rub it in, we switched our own installation to our new 12setupSFX. It is small, fast, and offers good compression. 12-Tweak installation comes without an additional setup program!
  • 12-Tweak: New help.
  • 12-Tweak: More free features, only 'Restore after resolution change' remains as a PRO feature.
  • 12-Tweak: Automatically restoring icons was not logged, however, it did happen. It's logged now.


9.0 Beta 2.3     December 12, 2007 (9.00.14)

  • 12-Sync: BETTER Sync with multiple servers. An average adjustment is used.
  • 12-Sync: BETTER Adjust your PC hardware clock speed.
  • 12-Sync: Limit the automatic adjustment to short (more accurate) round-trip delays
  • 12-Sync: Now sets the time correctly on Windows Vista, using a new service.
  • 12-Tray in the new version had only one tab, and simetimes crashed. Corrected.
  • 12-Tweak: No more info or tip message if minimized or in tray
  • 12-Tower: Now displays the new programs 12-Tweak and 12-FTP
  • 12-Notepad had a 2 second delay on close. Corrected.
  • All: Setup restarts programs that were running before. However, on Windows Vista the programs are started non-elevated, using our very own 12-RunAsStdUser.


9.0 Beta 2.2  November 29, 2007 (9.00.13)

  • 12-Tray: BETTER Changes applied necessary to run on Windows Vista. Runs perfectly now without Adminstrator rights.
  • 12-Tray: The service is no longer "interactive" which provides for enhanced security.
  • 12-Tweak setup corrected, languages are now included.


9.0 Beta 2.1  November 15, 2007 (9.00.12)

  • 12-Tweak NEW Save the position of Sidebar Gadgets (if detached) and restore automatically.
  • 12-Tweak is a complete rewrite of our 12-SaveLayout. Supports Unicode, native 64-bit Windows, saves settings in XML, is User Account Control (UAC) aware. Aero "Glas" effects are widely used.
  • 12-Tweak: 'Versions to keep' are (quick) sorted by date, compared for identical versions using (fast) MD5 hashes, and the oldest (identical) version is deleted. In other words, it is fast, easy-to-use, and even more reliable.
  • 12-Tweak: NEW Switching screen resolutions has lost its fear: all icons are restored at the same position as before (scaled). If you save an icon arrangement in the new resolution this is used automatically from there on. Same for Gadgets.
  • 12-Tweak: Easy-to-use, beginner-style main interface, similar to Vista's Window Color control panel, with hints and options for advanced users.
  • 12-Tweak: Log file for all automatic activity, auto-size-limited.
  • X12 got two more functions to create MD5 and SHA-1 hashes of selected files. Hashes are displayed in the internal editor where they can easily be copied. Now you can easily find and sort out bit-wise identical files.


9.0 Beta 2   October 25, 2007 (9.00.10)

  • All: corrected problems with Vista's UAC. Since 12Ghosts includes many system tools, naturally, administrator rights are required for some tools. However, this is reported accordingly now.
  • SaveLayout: corrected problems with restoring layouts on Windows Vista.
  • Shredder: Using 'Wipe Disk' or 'Limit Free Space': If the program did not have write permission to certain folders (for example on Windows Vista with UAC enabled) there was no error reported and the program appeared to hang. Corrected.


9.0 Beta 1.5  September 6, 2007 (9.00.08)

  • X12: Custom shorcut keys are now completely configurable
  • X12: Shortcut keys includes several sets of default keys that can be easily enabled/disabled with just one click.
  • X12: Dynamic list of all current shortcut keys and what they do. The list can even be copied and printed.
  • X12: Added more than 30 style options to the Options dialog box. Among others, for file list handling and behavior, and graphical and view options (Style Settings -> View, Tree, and List).
  • X12: Which toolbars are displayed now depends on the current style. (Only which toolbars, however. The selected buttons and skin options stay the same for every style.)
  • X12: Default toolbars added for file handling, drives, and 'NC key bar' (with F1-F10 commands).
  • X12: Split area size now customizable (2 to 10 points, Futile Options).
  • 12-FTP: Ascii/Binary options now used per default, if enabled.
  • 12-FTP: Option to add and remove extensions interpreted as ascii or binary.
  • 12-Files: Corrected filter matching when selecting with Num +/-


9.0 Beta 1.4  August 9, 2007 (9.00.07)

  • 12-ScreenSaver: starts any program as screen saver. For example, your favorite picture slide show, or a .PDF sheet with your latest stats.
  • 12-ScreenSaver (Start Any Program): Also restarts the program in a specified intervall. Now you can display the new contents of, let's say, a PDF file every 30 minutes. Added on special request.
  • 12-ScreenSaver: added screen saver "Stars at Night" with appreciation to John Socha.
  • 12-ScreenSaver: added screen saver "Time Display" (Why, Windows has this already? Yes, but ours has an option to NOT wake up on mouse move, e.g. when you inadvertantly push the mouse on your desk.)
  • 12-Replace: length of search and replace texts extended from 256 to 1024 characters on special request.
  • 12-NotePad: multiple undo.
  • 12-NotePad: searches from the beginning, too


9.0 Beta 1.3  July 12, 2007 (9.00.06)

  • X12: Due to limitations of the standard list control used in Explorer, we decided to create our own list, offering more options for handling, look and feel. With our own list control we were able to freely implement different kinds of handling and behavior, customizable to the dot.
  • X12: Without any hesition, we ensure that our file list is blazingly fast! Flicker-free, the display has been optimized for speed, information is cached where possible, and is directly drawn from the data-cache to the screen. Doing without nested class calls and window messages send back-and-forth for each display of an entry, the display is faster and smoother than, for example Windows Explorer.
  • X12 file list: Sort is an on-demand (no duplicate information stored) index sort (sorting the index, not the data), using the Tri-Median method (for more than 4 elements, InsertionSort for up to 4) which in our program 12-Lookup has prooved its speed for years, for example sorting 30,000 entries without noticable delay. Again, data is displayed on the screen directly from the database.
  • X12 file list: The cache size is optimized as well to minimize memory footprint which in turn enhances speed. All file list information is held in memory only once, which means for example that even though there seem to be two columns for file size (KB and Bytes), the size information itself is stored only once, and formatted for each column (if displayed). You could also say, the list is a direct-throughput 'view' of the database.
  • X12: File list with custom fonts, icons optional, custom color schemes (including standard Windows and yellow-on-blue)
  • X12: File list supporting various under-lay colors for hidden/read-only/system/compressed files, folders, drives, sorted-by column, alternating stripe colors, lines above and below files. All this for the user to be able to recognize files faster and work faster. All colors can be changed and color schemes can be copied and extend easily.
  • X12: File list handling options: full row select, right-click selection, INS selects and moves down, filtered selection with wild cards, for example *.doc to select all .doc files (CTRL +/- on num pad), invert selection (CTRL * on num pad), optionally 'move of focus' does not select, and more to perfectly complying standard OFMs (orthodox or "commander-like" file managers). Again, these handling styles are all optional. They switch accordingly when changing Styles (Explorer, NC, WS, etc.)


9.0 Beta 1.2  April 26, 2007 (9.00.05)

  • X12: We created our own platform-independent and customizable toolbar to be able to go beyond the limitations of standard Windows toolbars, namely different skins and customization. The new 12Ghosts toolbars and all its features are available on all Windows versions, and more importantly, look and behave the same on all platforms.
  • X12: toolbar skins (Windows, WS, Steam)
  • X12: drag and drop to other programs added
  • 12-Files: move and copy of files with the option to rename files on the fly. This adds a (2), (3), and so on, to the file name automatically.


9.0 Beta 1.1  March 29, 2007 (9.00.04)

  • 12-Shutdown: closes automatically after wake-up from standby.
  • 12-Lookup: added scroll bar in Links tab
  • 12-SetColor: allows to copy and paste colors in HTML format
  • 12-DeskTOP: hidden area with smoother smooth scroll
  • 12-DeskTOP: icons using transparent areas displayed correctly
  • All: now using 32 bit colors as default for images


9.0 Beta 1  February 8, 2007 (9.00.03)

  • 12-FTP: Upload folders including subfolders
  • 12-FTP: Keep Open no longer issues 'Try Again' messages
  • 12-FTP: Transfer dialog for dir lists usually no longer appears
  • 12-Files: Copy and paste of folders
  • 12-Files: Move and copy of files and folders enhanced
  • 12-Files: New/changed files in the current folder now sort immediately
  • X12: Central tool buttons for horizontal panels (=)
  • X12: Manage Layout dialog box: copy individual settings between layouts
  • X12: Personal Layout correctly saves expanded folders


9.0 Alpha 2  October 26, 2006 (9.00.02)

  • 12-FTP: Concurrent file transfers optimized
  • 12-FTP: File list updates automatically during multiple transfers every 30 seconds
  • 12-FTP: Refreshing file list after multiple transfers now works without interruptions or time outs
  • 12-FTP: Default concurrent transfers raised to five
  • 12-FTP: Transfer windows placed one below the other, moving together smoothly
  • 12-FTP: Transfer window displays progress bar and remaining time for upload and download
  • 12-FTP: Current speed also displays in transfer window on mouse over (average of last 3 packets)


9.0 Alpha 1  September 14, 2006 (9.00.01)

  • 12-FTP offers parallel, simultaneous transfers, limited only by your connection bandwidth (not by the servers bandwidth)
  • 12-FTP: file transfer in separate threads, efficiently using multi-core processors
  • 12-FTP: This version is a prove-of-concept, aimed at speed testing. Are we able to provide an FTP client that is faster than popular tools available? The answer is clearly yes! Our internal testing proved that the first version of 12-FTP LE (free for non-commercial use) is significantly faster than the popular freeware WS_FTP 5.5 LE. At a factor of 1.5 for large binary files; TWICE as fast on average JPG picture files (150 KB), and up to three times as fast for small files typical for web sites (20 KB). Just by using parallel and multi-threaded transfers.



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