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To change Tjunction, right-click on the entry and select Change Tj.

What is Tjunction?

Tjunction (sometimes called Tj or TCC) is the temperatur where the CPU starts to throttle down the speed, or a system shutdown is initiated. (Note, this is not the temperature specified as maximum case temperature which is somewhere between 60°C and 70°C, and also referred to as "Tcase" or "Tmax", the temperature where "maximum" cooling should be supplied.)

Usually this is assumed to be 100°C (212°F). On certain notebook processors it might be 85°C (185°F). However, neiter Intel nor AMD have ever made an official statement or published any specification. Building the temperature diode on the die is not what's difficult, but calibration still requires human intervention, which makes it expensive. Tj is different on different processors, and might even be different on two CPUs of the same processor type.

However, since we are human beings and used to deal with temperatures, it is easier to think of the maximum allowed temperature as something near the boiling point.

Tip: To verify the temperature start 12-Z, and reset Min/Max temperatures, before sending the computer to sleep overnight. After waking the computer, the minimum temperature should be just a few degrees (4°-5°C or 6°-8°F) above room temperature.


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