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Why install 12-Z?

12-Z requires direct access to the hardware to read out temperature information (namely ReadMSR, implemented in a kernel driver). If you work as Admin on Windows XP you won't notice a difference. However, if you work with less rights, or on Windows Vista, you would have to confirm a password or UAC prompt everytime you start 12-Z. Once installed there is no more prompt.

To install choose 'Install' in the menu. To uninstall select 'Uninstall' in the menu (arrow at the top-right). That's all, ready in-an-instant, no questions asked.

Why not install 12-Z?

Some people feel more confident with programs that they don't have to "install". If you don't install you don't have to uninstall. 12-Z works both ways. The download is ready-to-run, and when finished - chop - just delete it.


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