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12Ghosts ShutDown

One-click shutdown, run programs before, forced shutdown


ZDNet "5 Star"


What does it do for me?

Easy to use interface with powerful features. Shut down with just one click! Never forget to run backup and clean up programs before shut down. Just one click, then leave your computer and it will power-off automatically when everything is done! This includes termination options that guarantee a shut down!

Initiate an "auto-logon as a different user" and go away: when you're back the other user is logged on. No waiting for the enter-password-now screen, then waiting again for all settings to load. Dual-boot directly into a parallel installation of Windows, which also restarts without further user intervention.

You may set it to log off automatically after a certain time of inactivity. Restart your computer daily at a specific time. Save time by automating the shut down process, and even terminate not responding programs automatically!




What's so special about it?

     You save two clicks every day: Usually, you have to click three times:
    1. START
    2. Turn Off Computer
    3. Turn Off
With 12-ShutDown you click once on an icon in the tray. That's it.
     Never again forget to run backup and clean up programs at the end of the day. 12-ShutDown starts programs automatically before shut down!
     Shut down is guaranteed with three increasingly powerfull termination options!
     Supports turn off, logoff, restart, hibernation, and even screen saver lock as well as SUPER FAST shut down!

More Features:

    Shut down with different hotkeys, or a click on the tray icon
    Turn off, Restart, Log Off, Hibernation, Restart Shell (Explorer)
    Optional confirmation and countdown
    Run programs before, e.g. backup and clean up programs
    Lock settings with passwords
    Restart computer at a certain time, daily or weekly
    Start screen saver and immediately lock workstation, or prevent screen saver for a certain time during a slide show or paused game.
    Auto-logoff and logon as different user without waiting!
    Dual-boot into different Windows installations without waiting!
    Terminate not responding programs or just exit Windows without shutting down
    Auto-logoff the user after a certain idle time













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