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Disclaimer and Trademarks

Microsoft, Windows, and Explorer are trademarks or registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation. "Windows Explorer" is the file manager that comes free with Windows since 1995. "FileMan", short for File Manager, was its predecessor delivered free with Windows 3.0, released in 1990.  Norton is a trademark of Symantec Corporation. Peter Norton, and Peter Norton's crossed-arm pose (no kidding!) are registered trademarks of Peter Norton. Norton Commander, the classic, keyboard-centric file manager for DOS was developed by John Socha (sic!) in 1986. (John is said to be the first one who developed and coined the term "screen saver".)

The first proposal of an implementation of a File Transfer Protocol was made at the MIT in 1971. 12-FTP is based on the latest recommendations for this standard, RFC-959 (File Transfer Protocol), and RFC 2577 (FTP Security Considerations). WS_FTP is a registered trademark of Ipswitch, Inc. It is synonym for the first graphical FTP client for Windows since 1992, developed by John A. Junod and initially released to the public domain. WS is short for WinSock or Windows Sockets, a program interface for connections using TCP/IP.

This software is based in part on the work of the Independent JPEG Group (IJG). The IJG developed a standard for lossy compression of real-world pictures by a factor of 15 or more, in 1992. GIF is the copyright property and a service mark of CompuServe Incorporated. A contentious patent on the Lempel-Ziv compression algorithm used in GIF files expired 2003. (A smart guy claiming a similar patent on JPEG, by the way, was leveled with 21 countersuites in 2004.) ACDSee is a trademark of ACD Systems Ltd., pretty much setting the standard for picture viewers in 1995.

WinZip is a registered trademark of WinZip International LLC. Developed by Nico Mak in 1991, it used to serve as a graphic shell for the DOS tool PKZIP by the late Phil Katz (1962-2000), inventor of the zip format in 1989. You may remember the famous DOS version 2.04g. PKZIP is a registered trademark of PKWARE, Inc.

12Ghosts, X12, and 12-FTP are trademarks of 12Ghosts Inc. Founded in 1993, 12Ghosts today offers hundreds of extensions for Windows, among them a file manager, FTP client, picture viewer, and compression. We respect the intellectual properties of other parties. To the best of our knowledge this disclaimer is complete and correct. Send comments by e-mail.












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